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Thoughtful Insight – Changing the Light Bulbs

Wayne Read is the Managing Director at AKP Limited, a first-class precision engineering service, offering an expanse of technical abilities and CNC machining experience covering a wide range of industries from their base in Norfolk. Having been in the industry for many years, Wayne has recently joined the Scale Up New Anglia Silver to Gold Pathway and shared this "Thoughtful Insight" with us. We thought this may resonate with some of you, especially about the challenges we are facing now. Sometimes, changing the light bulbs is the best use of your time...

“Back in 2002 I had just started my own business. As the winter nights drew in and it got cold and miserable, work dried up. With Christmas fast approaching I was worried about how we would pay the bills and was sure that the fledgling business would not survive. In a desperate moment, I phoned the dealer who had sold me our machines and told him I was thinking of giving up and asked whether he would buy the machines back.

He replied, “just go around your factory and change the light bulbs”. Surprised I said “what?” so he repeated the statement explaining that things will turn in the spring and then we won’t have time to do such things.

By the time spring arrived, I was on the phone to the dealer again, this time however to buy more machines because we were so busy!

Here at AKP we are again “changing the lightbulbs” – taking the time to review our processes, plan for the future, look at further opportunities, develop our team and take stock of where we want to be moving forward -all the things it is more difficult to do when you are really busy.

So maybe now is the time to take the opportunity to keep positive and “change your lightbulbs” because Spring will surely return!”


Our thanks to Wayne for letting us share this with the rest of the Scale Up members. If you would like to link with Wayne, you can find him on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wayne-read-50668128/ or visit the AKP Limited website here: http://www.akp.ltd/


If you would be interested in sharing your “Thoughtful Insight” with us, please email: sue.simmons@newanglia.co.uk.