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MBA Interns and Funding: Meet and Learn

Meet and learn about MBA Interns and funding, is a unique opportunity to see if an MBA Intern may be suitable for your organisation, and if so what funding may be available to help fund them. Potentially, through a new innovation grant, up to 50%of their cost be supported. Skilled graduates and at half the cost, can you afford to miss this opportunity?

To help you learn about the MBA students, their skills, the opportunities and funding, there is an exclusive online event, on 14th December at UEA at 2pm to 4:45pm. The UEA Business School, will be offering their full-time MBA cohort of students (you can see the full cohort students summaries here in their yearbook), to take on industry projects post January 2021. The online event will provide the opportunity to meet and talk with these students, the course tutors, previous businesses who have taken advantage used the service and MBA Internships and hear about how this works, costs and possible funding options.


At this unique opportunity you will get to meet 1-2-1 (in a Zoom break out room) the candidates after hearing a short elevator pitch from each of them about themselves and their skills. After this you can meet with up to 3 of the MBA students 1-2-1 in breakout rooms to learn more and see if they could be right for you and your business. Should you want to speak to more of the students, there will be some additional time at the end of the online event for more meetings or additional meetings can be arranged.


You will also get a chance to speak with the MBA Director and Associate Professor in Business Management, Andy Vassallo and his team to ask questions about the students and how the programme works etc.


Once registered, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire about you, your business and your needs for an MBA intern in order to help you get the most from your time at this event. When this is received we will send you the portfolio of CVs for the MBAs and will be able to highlight who will be joining us on the day.


Is there any financial support to help with this?


In terms of the financial support available, the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership has launched an ERDF funded – ‘Growth Through Innovation’ Grant Scheme https://newanglia.co.uk/grant/growth-through-innovation-fund/ where eligible businesses may seek investment support towards the costs to be incurred in research and development projects. Secondment of highly qualified personnel from a research organisation or large enterprise, working on research, development and innovation activities in a newly created function within the beneficiary, is one of the eligible costs. This will apply to the UEA/MBA interns and help to offset the internship costs by up to 50%.


The grant is between £1,000 and £25,000, up to 50% of eligible costs, so it is possible to include other relevantt costs in addition to supporting the MBA internship costs. A normal internship lasts 12 weeks.


Please note that any grant applications for this scheme will go through the normal appraisal and panel consideration process and each case will be considered on its own merits. In order to qualify for the award and according to ERDF rules, any company applying should not be classified as trading in difficulty (to see the definition of this please click here).


How do I learn more?


The videos below summarise the value proposition and give you an insight into how this could work for your organisation.


Consultancy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8GHruymKVI

MBA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmz7Nwwowd0

General Information on UEA Business School: https://www.uea.ac.uk/business


Testimonial from Jamie Thums MBE, COO Lintott’s Control Systems Ltd.


“Since 2014, as part of Lintott’s evolving partnership with the University of East Anglia, the Company has worked with MBA students on five collaborative consultation projects. Each undertaking commenced with Lintott identifying a business / operational improvement opportunity. Expertly choreographed & meeting agreed milestones, each project involved a detailed examination of the subject matter/assignment. Every assignment concluded with a comprehensive report & a formal presentation to the Company’s senior management team. Of significance, this comprised recommendations & a ‘path’ forward – as seen by diverse & fresh-thinking external talent. This has not only helped to shape the ongoing deviation of business strategy, but allowed management to focus on other developments & activities whilst maintaining the ability to steer the project & review its findings”


Agenda for the Event


13:55 Virtual room opens

14:00 Welcome and Introductions* (Dr. Morgan Potter and Andy Vassallo)*

14:10 Explanation of event format for Speed Interviews and Round Robin with MBA Students and Companies/Case Study Companies*

14:15 MBA Student Elevator Pitches – 2 mins each*

• Who they are

• Brief background

• Core areas of interest/specialism/strengths

14:45 Attending Companies Elevator Pitches – 2 mins each*

(start compiling list of top 5 students to talk to)

• Who they are

• What they do

• Reason for being at the event

• Projects they are looking for support with

15:15 Break – submit students to talk to in interviews. Opportunity to speak to Andy Vassallo and Team if required (break out rooms available)

15:30 – Interview 1*

15:45 – Interview 2*

16:00 – Interview 3*

16:15 Summary, Panel Q&A *

16:30 Follow up 1-2-1 discussions – break out rooms available upon request.

16:45 Event Close

Total hours: 2hr 45mins– *IDB = 2hrs 15mins




How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email sue.simmons@newangliagrowthhub.co.uk if you have any questions or queries.


What will be done with the information I supply?

Your information will be stored on Eventbrite according to Eventbrite’s terms and conditions. Upon arrival you will be required to sign in on our attendance sheet, this is to provide evidence of your attendance and will be kept on the server as evidence for our ERDF funding. After your attendance will be stored on the secure Growth Hub CRM system. This is required in order to provide evidence of your attendance and eligibility for the course. This will be kept to the statutory dates any only accessible to Growth Programme and authorised personnel. If you request further contact from an adviser post this event they will use this information to contact you and log any future interactions, again to evidence for ERDF funding. You can see the New Anglia Growth Hub Privacy policy here and the New Anglia Local Enterprice Partnership Policy here.


This information, and information on the questionnaire we ask you to complete, will also be shared with the UEA MBA team. You can view their Privacy Policy here


State Aid Declaration


This event is delivered, free of charge, to SMEs (SME is defined as an Enterprise with fewer than 250 employees and has either an annual balance sheet not exceeding 43m Euro or Annual Turnover not exceeding £50m) other restrictions may apply. This support is being provided as de minimis aid under EC Regulation 1407/2013 (De Minimis Aid Regulation). The value of this support has been calculated as £112.50.


Please note: This is not a request for payment; we are merely required to notify you of the value, which will be relevant if you wish to apply or have applied for any other de minimis State Aid in the future. There is a ceiling of €200,000 for all de minimis aid provided to anyone organisation over a three fiscal year period (i.e. your current fiscal year and previous two fiscal years).


This event, as with all the New Anglia Growth Hub events, is suited and intended for businesses already running and established. Please refer to courses by NWES and MENTA for courses more suited for those businesses who are pre-start or have been trading for less than 12 months