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Introducing Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Programmes

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a technology and business matchmaking service. We introduce innovative companies to other innovative companies, universities or any other relevant organisations using our network of 600 offices globally (primarily in Europe), to help you secure different types of collaborations.

This might be finding new agents, distributors, suppliers, or it could be collaborative R&D, finding manufacturing partners for prototypes or licensing partners for your IP. It can cover many sectors and a wide range of partnerships. We provide many excellent programmes to help business fulfil their potential, and below are the details of 3 of our programmes, including the new Survive-Stabilise-Grow (SSG) directly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Survive – Stabilise – Grow (SSG):

This is a new support during the Covid-19 Pandemic for innovate UK’s Family of Customers and Growth Hub Refferals
Innovate UK has responded quickly to the challenges faced by UK businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has introduced Survive-Stabilise-Grow (SSG) delivered via EEN. Recognising that every business is being impacted – some are losing customers and markets, whilst others are seizing new opportunities – this flexible support enables eligible businesses – to work with an innovation adviser to review their current situation and establish foundations to stabilise their business, while reacting to market changes. The offer is up to 5 days of fully funded support across a timescale of approximately 12 months. It’s open to Innovate UK’s family of clients and to innovative businesses that have a potential to grow and internationalise. All companies enter our support via SSG. Eligible businesses can participate in SSG and then transfer to Innovate 2 Succeed and our other services– please see below.


Innovate 2 Succeed Programme (I2S):

Is a coaching, mentoring and advisory support service for eligible SMEs, who are looking to grow and scale via innovation and internationalisation. Fully-funded by Innovate UK, there is no cost to participate in the programme. An innovation adviser is allocated to help your business with strategic marketing, accessing finance, developing growth strategies, protecting your intellectual property, collaborative work and more.


Scaleup Programme Overview:

Is an ambitious programme funded by Innovate UK and Enterprise Europe Network. It offers fully-funded, bespoke, one-to-one support for your eligible business working with a Scaleup Director. It supports innovative SMEs on the cusp of scaling, or who are already on a Scaleup journey. It’s aimed at businesses close to £1m turnover with potential to grow exponentially in the next 12-18 months, without increasing their cost base at the same rate. It is aims to support innovation-led SMEs, capable of 50 to 100% annual growth moving them, for example, from 500k to £5 million, £1m to £10m, £10m to £100m.


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