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Exploring Pathways for Growth – Virtual Round Table Event

Learn about the support, programmes and development opportunities available to you and your business 

One of the biggest challenges for scaling and growing businesses is getting the right information and support to help them along the growth journey successfully. However, there are a lot of programmes and support available to business, if you only know where to look. But that is part of the problem knowing where to look and if you kind find them, knowing what is right for your businesses needs.

There are paid for, part-funded and fully funded courses available for all types and levels for businesses. All require different levels of commitment, different criteria for acceptance and different outcomes. So how do you know which one will be right for you and your business?

Following our successful Silver Meets Gold event last October, we are delighted to announce another Round table event, this time focusing on the pathway programmes and support available to businesses either looking to or already on the scale-up and growth journey.

This will be a rare opportunity to meet 1-2-1 with a number of Pathway programme managers and also advocates for those programmes, business who have been through the programmes being discussed. It is an opportunity to ask questions to truly understand what the programme can offer for you and your business and compare and discuss them in an open and honest forum with other like-minded businesses as well as other pathways.

As a company on this growth pathway, we would very much like to invite you to be part of this unique opportunity.

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The Event Format

The Virtual Round Table event is designed to provide an opportunity to have an open discussion between growth and scaling pathways and business achieving or on the road to successful and scalable growth.  From this event, we hope to increase the accessibility and knowledge on a range of support, learning and development pathways available to these businesses. This event would follow the following format:


09:55  Registration & Zoom Waiting Room is Open

10:00  Welcome, Introduction to Scale Up New Anglia and the Event Format*

10:05  Introductions from Pathway Hosts*

10:15  1st Round Table Session* (20 mins discussion)

10:35  2nd Round Table Session*

11:55   3rd Round Table Session*

11:15   Break

11:20  4th Roud Table Session*

11:40  5th Round Table Session*

12:00 6th Round Table Session*

12:20 Group Q & A and Summary*

12:30  Event Close

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Attending Pathway Programmes

  • (Stock Exchange) Elite
  • Innovate UK
  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK
  • Scale Up New Anglia – Mastermind and Silver to Gold Pathways
  • Sounding Board
  • Keep+

What will we expect from you on the day?

All we will require on the day is yourself. There will be a short introduction (elevator pitch of 2 mins) to the Pathway Hosts at the beginning, but the day is about group interaction and discussions.

This event is 2 hours and 30mins of Information, Diagnostic and Brokerage (IBD*). This is equivalent to £150 worth of State Aid. We are able to deliver this is eventfully funded for you with thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

This course, as with all the New Anglia Growth Hub events, is suited and intended for businesses already running and established. Please refer to courses by NWES and MENTA for courses more suited for those businesses who are pre-start or have been trading for less than 12 months.

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