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Manufacturers hit the gas to create 15 new jobs

Having increased its market share by over 20% in eight years while distributing its products worldwide, this leading manufacturer is now beginning an accelerated expansion programme with vital business support and grant aid from New Anglia Growth Hub.

Norfolk-based Continental Product Engineering are specialists in natural gas and LPG equipment with full assembly, test, and laboratory facilities for both domestic and commercial metering. They are the UK’s largest supplier for natural gas and LPG medium pressure installations, holding contracts with all the major blue chip utility companies. And Continental supplies all of Northern Ireland’s natural gas medium pressure installations.

Continental also produces and distributes, worldwide, a range of hose/regulator assemblies for the main BBQ and patio heater manufacturers. Coupled with their changeover assemblies, they have become the UK’s largest manufacturer of LPG high-pressure rubber hose assemblies. Their LPG meter boxes can be found throughout the length and breadth of the UK on most large caravan sites.

An increase in market presence over the last eight years has seen the company’s growth of low-pressure installations increase to a present market share of over 20%. As a result, an expansion programme is currently underway to double capacity in anticipation of the smart meter rollout.

£130,000 grant success

Consequently, they have been planning a factory extension that will help create an additional 15 jobs to add to the existing 70-strong team. To get this done, they have received support from New Anglia Growth Hub to successfully secure a £130,000 grant from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership’s Growing Business Fund.

The business has also worked with the Growth Hub to claim £90,000 in R&D tax credits, which are designed as a Government incentive for companies to invest in research and development. Furthermore, with this in place, they can additionally apply for a reduction in Corporation Tax paid.

Managing Director John Burton is very pleased with the progress the business has made and the options that are now opening up to them. “Our meetings and conversations with the New Anglia Growth Hub have been very fruitful. We are delighted at the help and support that is available. Things are looking really good at the moment.”

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