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Mirus Aircraft Seating receives LEP grant and support

Mirus is an independent applied technology business based in Hingham, Norfolk. Founded in 2015 by Phil Hall and Ben McGuire, the company brings together technologies, expertise and best practices from Formula 1, automotive and aerospace sectors.

Mirus is committed to delivering innovative, high-performance products and redefining value within the markets that it operates. Proud to be a part of the flourishing Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor, Mirus is a real British engineering success story.

Mirus is initially focusing its attention upon aircraft seating where the business has achieved things previously thought impossible. In just 4 short years, Mirus has sold >120,000 Hawk economy seats to a range of airlines ranging from flag careers and LCCs. Mirus is now looking to the future, both for applications beyond aircraft seating. Offering a unique combination of F1 engineering prowess with automotive systems and industrial reliability Mirus is a cutting-edge business that is committed to delivering superior products more quickly and more sustainably. The LEP has been instrumental in getting the business to where it is today.

New Anglia LEP grant success

Now employing over 70 people, Mirus’ growth was accelerated by its successful application for a grant from the Growing Business Fund as a new start-up in 2015, to help finance the redevelopment of their factory at Hingham. Ben McGuire, Chief Operating Officer at Mirus Aircraft Seating, said: “We had the factory site and we knew we had a good product. The LEP’s funding was not only vital financially, it also gave us the credibility we needed to take the project forward and secure our first big contract. It’s fair to say the LEP’s support was crucial in getting us to where we are now.”

The Growth Hub support, along with the LEP grant, was critical to the development of Mirus’ state of the art facilities and production systems. These facilities and systems were developed in accordance with the rigorous demands of Mirus’s target markets and they are intertwined with a ground-up approach to quality and supply chain management to ensure industrial reliability, speed and scalability. This robust infrastructure helped Mirus to secure a record-breaking £150m launch order (with deliveries spanning some 10 years). With subsequent orders secured from a range of airlines across the world, the future is bright. In late 2018, Mirus secured an additional grant from the LEP to help the growth of its own internal composites facility. This is part of a wider strategy to develop Mirus’ facilities into the Mirus Technology Park, a centre of excellence for next-generation technologies.

The future is bright for Mirus, as it receives strong interest from the aerospace industry and beyond.

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