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Angels @Essex – Investment Platform from Essex University

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The new Angels@Essex investment platform, jointly funded by Research England and the University of Essex, is to help develop and grow the local economy with innovative and disruptive technologies of the future. It is important that we survive the current situation we are all facing but we need to look to the future, the technologies and the products and services we shall require, that will rebuild our economy, making it sustainable and future proof.

We are currently inviting entrepreneurs to submit opportunities for investment onto our FCA regulated platform. We would be pleased to accept nominations for Creative Digital, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning projects, for inclusion on our FREE to access platform. The platform itself will allow individuals and groups of “angels” to take up investment opportunities put forward. Both entrepreneurs and investors are by invitation only and requests to join the platform by entrepreneurs can be made by submitting their contact details to uez@essex.ac.uk where the platform administration team will assist with onboarding requests.


We have no lower or upper limits on the amounts to be invested and the platform is suitable to businesses of all sizes and sectors that have innovative ideas to develop especially seed, but also pre and post-revenue. You must be a UK registered limited company and be able to demonstrate the ability to manage a high growth project and be willing to work with external stakeholders. We encourage EIS and SEIS eligible projects but this is not an essential requirement. Equity offered must be in the form of Ordinary Shares.

To read more visit the University of Essex website news story here.

Contact uez@essex.ac.uk to discuss your idea and start the process. Or sign up by clicking here.